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By Michelle


Aubrie turned 11 years old in November 2008. She is a delightful girl with an exceptional sense of justice and love. She adores all things Broadway. Her favourite composers are Andrew Lloyd Weber and Irving Berlin.

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By Lisa & Kerry


Hello to everyone - I am the mother of Illyanna "Lilly".

First, I will give a quick medical background. Lilly was diagnosed with Kabuki at 20 months of age. We knew before she was officially diagnosed that she had Kabuki just from visiting the web sites and from other pictures of kids with Kabuki. When you see pictures of her, you will agree too.

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Our Joshua – A Grandmother’s Perspective
By Rosemary Russell, July 2008

A couple of years ago (I was asked to write an article about my experience of our grandson, Joshua, for the SAKKS News. I didn’t – I realize now that I couldn’t because it was too soon and too hard for me. Emotionally it was like trying to hold a beautiful soap bubble in the palm of my hand.From the initial prenatal scan we had been included in Joshua’s life. The joy of his existence alongside the fear for the unknowns and what ifs of his development and survival coupled with a mother’s heartache for the dashing of her daughter’s dreams and expectations of motherhood was almost overwhelming at times. The powerlessness of seeing these wonderful parents grieving some loss already while desperately clinging to hope of misdiagnosis of any syndrome was hard to bear and all of this has taken time to handle.


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By Pam


Most of our children enter the world in the usual way via birth to a mom and dad. Derek entered our lives just a tad differently.

In 1994, my late husband and I lost our only birth child, a daughter, to a severe heart defect when she was just six. She had Down syndrome, so we were well versed in the special needs world. I was 41 and my husband was 42 when she died. After time had passed, we found that we were incredibly lonely. So we decided to adopt an older, unwanted, American child, special needs considered, as long as the child wasn't under a 'death sentence' like our little girl was. We just couldn't bear to go through that again.

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By Peta Colton

Zachary has Kabuki Syndrome.

Zachary at SchoolAt 10 weeks I discovered I was pregnant with twins. I remember spending the next hour laughing from shock.  The following weeks were the usual twin pregnancy morning sickness, cravings, and anticipation of an expectant mother.
At 19 weeks a routine ultrasound showed that twin 2 had a cleft lip and pleural effusion. Our doctor broke the news gently and then told us that the baby had a good chance of being Down's syndrome.  I was devastated.

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