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By Jimmy

JimmyHi. My name is James.
I was born in Ipswich, Queensland on the 2nd of July 1988.  At this time the doctors found I had a serious heart condition but none of the doctors could find the reason why.  I was taken to the Prince Charles Hospital at Chermside where they operated on me when I was just 4 days old.

I had a shunt put into my left shoulder which unfortunately failed, so they tried this again when I was twelve days old. I was transferred to the Mater Children’s Hospital for tests to find out what was so wrong with me.  At this point I had no swallow reflex so I had many tubes coming out of lots of places. Then another ambulance ride back to Ipswich Hospital where my parents asked the doctors about a peg feed set up.  The doctors said it was a risky procedure and I did not have a high survival rating at that point.  So, they decided not to go ahead with it.

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By Zoe


Having Isabella at 19 and raising her as a single mum was always going to be hard but to have a child with Kabuki, which was undiagnosed until she was five, was definitely a challenge. Within days of Isabella been born I knew something was not right,  she was a ‘failure to thrive’ baby that refused to feed properly. Born at 7Lb 14oz by three months old was weighing just 7Lb,  she was placed on a nasal gastric tube, and within a couple of weeks and  many  midnight dashes later to the hospital to replace the tubes she pulled out, I was trained to replace them, and test the correct position on my own.

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By Sue


I suppose I should be more devastated than I am, but for so long my husband Chris and myself have known that all was not right with our precious little girl. For us, diagnosis is a relief more than anything else. We finally know we are not crazy, that there is a problem and now we can move on and use this information to help Holly become the best she can be.

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By Linda


My name is Linda Flannery and I am the mother of 16 1/2 year old Brentarah. I was pregnant with Brentarah at the age of seventeen. I had a lot of morning sickness whilstcarrying Brentarah. I had all my regular check ups and scans, they said everything was fine. On the 11th June, 1993 at Latrobe Hospital Brentarah was delivered by Caesarean Section.

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By Silvia


I am Silvia, the mother of Nina.

Nina is 8 months now and I’m still overwhelmed by her presence in our lives! I cannot remember well how life was without her. Nina is our first daughter. My husband and I kept our relationship between 2 countries for quite some time. I’m Brazilian and he is German. Since we were both freelancers, it was not difficult to organize our schedules to spend time together in 2 different continents.


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